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Why the Red Sox will win the 2018 World Series

This is the first sports article I wrote. Never thought I was a fan of journalism but this experience changed my outlook tremendously! Hope you enjoy! Go Sox!


Instagram Video (Introducing myself to the class)

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Spencer Casey #SPM335

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First video I made for my Information Technology in Sports class.


Rivalry Chatter

Additionally, found in the link above, I created a Podcast. In the Podcast, my friend Dante G. and I discuss the heartbreaking 2018 season for the New York Yankees, and what is to come in 2019.


Video Project! (A day in the life of a SUNY Cortland SPM student)

The second video I made for class! This one involved actual editing with the help of Adobe Premier.
P.S.: Some of the “fun” section is to show I had my fun in college… Now I know it is time for the real world and professionalism!


Little Venice (Bus Boy)

Little Venice days. With my favorite host Emma!



Frito-Lay Attire (Minus the scarf thing, that was to make the picture funny for my co-worker)


Little Venice (Host)

Hosting at Little Venice


Dicks Open Volunteer

Chris (baseball teammate at SUNY Broome) and I were tasked with handing out surveys, which asked things such as: How much do you intend to spend at the Dick’s Open? These surveys were used to complete an economic impact study for the Dick’s Open and its affect on Broome County.


CRM Intern: Binghamton Devils

I was the Customer Relations Manager. Basically, I took the consumers information from paper and entered it into the organizations online database, being as organized as I possibly could.